Thanks for stopping by! My name is Gray and I am a father, brother, son, photographer, runner, kettle bell instructor, a former electrician, plumber, radio engineer, Googler, weekend home remodel hack and much more!

So what do I do today? I work in the IT industry but have a photography business as well. (see my portfolio) I shoot home real estate mainly but do shoot portraits and foot races. 

In the blog section, you'll find stories of being a single father, the projects I'm working on, and sports activities I'm involved with. Feel free to comment and by all means if you need a photographer, reach out!

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Kilgore Project ONE+ Hard Back Book Collection

Kilgore Project ONE+ Hard Back Book Collection

Featured in the 2011 edition of the Kilgore Project hardback book published in 2012. This book showcased photographers around the globe from all styles, cultures, and backgrounds. I submitted a picture I shot in the White Sands National Monument earlier that year. This image was of some people in the distance on top of a dune that reminded me of a desolate place on earth. 

I named it "Lost"

You can see the image in my portfolio under fine art.

Dallas Observer

Gray Kinney tells Unfair Park he was out shooting the debris formerly known as Reunion Arena a few days ago when he stumbled across...