Sunday, 26 March 2017 22:24

Oil painting shoot complete

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It took about a month from when I started this project, but I have finally completed the shoot documenting an artist's oil paintings. When I got to the last framed image, I had to purchase a much larger light box to shoot it in. I ended up getting a 60"x60" to fit this last painting into. After tweaking the lights and a slight edit in photoshop, it came out perfect! (Click the image above to see a larger shot and see images of the lightbox. So now to deliver all 247 shots to the owner and call this one done!
Wednesday, 15 March 2017 16:09

Shannon Brewery Run 2017

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This past weekend I made it back out to the always fun and exciting Shannon Brewery run. This time I ran most of it. In October I dressed up for their Halloween version of the run but had to walk because I was still recovering from my broken foot. I came in last in my age group, bit was glad to have made the run with my pals. Oh and look, we made the email blast!
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 18:31

Pulls Installed

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This past Sunday, I was able to get motivated, get to Home Deport and purchase my pulls. I decided to go with all the same for the doors and the cabinets. There seem to be several schools of thought on knobs vs pulls, but I decided I liked the pulls approach, plus they don't loosen over time like knobs can. I got a dark black with a hint of bronze on the tips. In actuality, they match my faucet exactly!
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Monday, 27 February 2017 17:27

Documenting a life of oil painting

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So finally this past week, I was able to get back to some of my photography. One project that has been on the shelf for several weeks is a job taking shots of about 300 oil paintings. Ranging in size from about 6 inches to several feet, some in frames and most not. Photographing these was going to be...
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 19:18

Why Match Took Down My Dating Profile

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Being that I am a single guy and don't want to die alone surrounded by hungry cats, I do spend time on dating websites looking for my match. Unfortunately I haven’t had the kind of luck your neighbor did finding the love of his life online in one week. I will take some of the credit for the lack of success, bing that I’m very picky in who I want to spend my time with. I’ve had my share...
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 19:09

Still no Facebook

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About 2 weeks ago I decided to get off social media. I did this a couple of years ago after my last break up to clear my head and avoid seeing images and comments from my ex. This year I decided to exit Facebook mainly because I can't get all of the negativity from the political posts, angry comments on bad drivers and just all the noise. Not to mention that advertising has just about taken over social media and I just can't deal with it. Funny thing is I feel less stressed and am enjoying my lack of knowing what is going on in the world so much and all that my friends are up to. Yea. It has caused me to have to email and text my friends more and god forbid call them! But this is all good! I can think clearer, not feel overwhelmed and only seek out information when I need it. Will I get back on? I dont know? So far I am managing ok without it and I think that crick in my neck has gone away too!
Sunday, 19 February 2017 19:37

Let there be light!

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In the continuation of my home remodel, this is a picture of the kitchen with the new snazzy lights installed over the sink!
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 19:21


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So my sister Chiffon and I went to have an indoor skydiving session at a company called iFly in Dallas/Frisco. It was one of the best times of my life! We watched an intro video and got some coaching on how to interpret hand signals. Then got ear plugs, a jumpsuit, and helmet and went to the 'tube'. Once there we took our place in line sitting on a bench watching one person after another go into the tube and be assisted by our jump instructor. With my heart pounding I jumped into the tube and using my best efforts allowed myself to be lifted in the air and manoeuvred by the instructor so my face did not plant into the glass. All in all, this was a real blast as you can see! One day I want to do the real thing!
Monday, 13 February 2017 23:11

Backsplash finally up!

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Finally! I have the stainless steel subway tile installed and grouted! Quite a job but it is done! For you wondering, I used a silver unsanded grout for the tile. In addition, if you decide to do this job, be sure to use a blade to cut porcelain tile. My old blade was haveing a tough time cutting the stainless steel. Also, I mixed the sealer with the grout in one step to take care of the sealing as well. Pretty snazzy! I big thank you to Jen Pierce at the Floor and Decore store in The Colony for her help in getting the parts together! Now to get the electrical hooked back up and get those under counter lights in!
Monday, 06 February 2017 20:26

First batch of tile up!

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So continuing with my home remodel... I decided to focus getting my backsplash up this weekend. Being that this was Superbowl Sunday, of course I had to have the game on too! As exciting as the matchup of New England and Atlanta was, installing my brand new stainless steel subway tile had all my attention, well until Lady GaGa at half time! ;-) Ok, well enough of that, here is a shot of the kitchen from the first wall install. I still need to grout but will wait to do that once I have the wall over the stove done. Looking snazzy!