Wednesday, 22 February 2017 19:09

Still no Facebook

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About 2 weeks ago I decided to get off social media. I did this a couple of years ago after my last break up to clear my head and avoid seeing images and comments from my ex. This year I decided to exit Facebook mainly because I can't get all of the negativity from the political posts, angry comments on bad drivers and just all the noise. Not to mention that advertising has just about taken over social media and I just can't deal with it. Funny thing is I feel less stressed and am enjoying my lack of knowing what is going on in the world so much and all that my friends are up to. Yea. It has caused me to have to email and text my friends more and god forbid call them! But this is all good! I can think clearer, not feel overwhelmed and only seek out information when I need it. Will I get back on? I dont know? So far I am managing ok without it and I think that crick in my neck has gone away too!
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