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Documenting a life of oil painting

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Studio Light Tent Studio Light Tent 2017 Gray Kinney Photography
So finally this past week, I was able to get back to some of my photography. One project that has been on the shelf for several weeks is a job taking shots of about 300 oil paintings. Ranging in size from about 6 inches to several feet, some in frames and most not. Photographing these was going to be...
a challenge for sure. So I set up my light tent, arranged my camera, and set up my remote trigger and strobes. I was crucial that I keep everything the same so I would be able to repeat my shots 300 or so times and minimize post editing. So I got the white balance set, put the camera in manual, set the shutter speed to 1/125 and the aperture to 6.3 and iso 100, RAW format. I lowered my strobes to the lowest setting and this got me where I needed to be. Next, I placed painters tape on the floor of the light tent. (I placed a piece of white wallboard on the bottom to tape to and hold the images flat). Then using a Square, made a 90-degree guide to use while placing my images in the tent. After some tweaking, I finally had my conveyor line setup to shoot. I spent the next several hours placing the paintings on my painter tape guide, hitting the remote trigger and then loading onto my machine once in a while to verify the quality was good. I was able to shoot 275 images in about 5 hours with just a few small breaks. Then the rest was cropping and setting minor contrast and saturation on my computer using Lightroom. For the pictures that had ornate frames, I pulled these into Photoshop, tightly cropped them and hand-edited out the painter's tape and shims I was using to keep the paintings square with the camera.
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