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Kitchen Madness - Backsplash Install

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Kitchen without a backsplash Kitchen without a backsplash
Well, I'm still working on my kitchen remodel. I started it Christmas week 2016 and pretty much worked on it non-stop for 10 days. I removed everything from the kitchen and then installed new cabinets I built, new appliances, sink and everything in between. The floor was tiled by me a couple years ago when I tiled the whole house with the wood looking porcelain tile. Other than that, I kept the fridge and tossed the rest. So this weekend I'm going to install a new backsplash that will be made from Stainless Steel subway tile. I'm really hoping it will look cool! Then after that, I need to grout the tile, then do some touch-up grouting on the floor where the cabinets didn't fit exactly in the same location of the old ones and then add dome kick plate and under counter lighting.
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